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Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province, is an important historical and cultural city and the economic centre of soutern China.

Guangzhou City is close to South China sea. The summer here is not very hot, while the winter is warm and humid. It has blossom flowers all year round, so it is also affectionately called "flower city".

Guangzhou is a pivotal transportation center in south China. It is a port with the dual functions of sea port and river port. It is also where Jingguang (Beijing - Guangzhou) and Guangjiu (Guangzhou - Jiulong) railways neet. Baiyun Airport here has first-class facilities and flights that can fly to many major cities both at home and abroad.

Guangzhou adopted the opening up policy, and serves as an important base of international trade. Since 1957, export commodities fair is held twice in the city every year.

Guangzhou has beautiful scenery. Its scenic spots include Baiyun Hill, Yuexiu Hill, Conghua Hot Spring and so on. Guangzhou is also a significant venue for international communication in science, technology and culture. It boasts many famous universities and research organizations such as Sun Yat-sen University, Jinan University, South China Normal University, South China Botanic Garden and Academy of Science.

Yuexiu Park
Yuexiu Park is the largest park in Guangzhou. There are Zhenhai Tower, Five-Goat Sculpture and a number of constructions such as man-made lakes, pavilions, towers, verandas, as well as memorial buildings.

Zhenhai Tower was built in early Ming Dynasty. It is 28 m high, in rectangular shape. It is a noted historical site in Guangzhou.

Temple of Honor and Filial Piety
Temple of Honor and Filial Piety is one of the oldest buildings in Guangdong province. In the temple there are eastern and western iron towers of one thousand Buddhas. The western tower was built in 963 AD. It is the oldest iron tower extant in China.

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Guangzhou is also called "City of Goats" or "Sui" for short.

It is said that once five immortals arrived in Guangzhou riding goats whose mouth holding ears of wheat. The immortals prayed that there would be no starvation in the place. They then disappeared, and the five goats changed into stone statues. Guangzhou was called the City of Goats hereafter. Guangzhou started the activity of selecting eight scenic spots of the City of Goats in Song Dynasty. This activity has becme a tradition ever since then, passing down from generation to generation.

Reference data

The city of Guangzhou was originally build in Qin Dynasty under the name of Panyu City. During the Three Kingdoms Period, it was the seat of Guangzhou government. The name of Guangzhou came from this period. By Tang Dynasty, this place had become a world-famous commercial port. In Song Dynasty, Guangzhou turned into the largest commercial city and trade port in China. The city wall expanded several times at that time.
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